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We just love hummus

Whether Happy Hummus is your snack food or a part of your meal, garbanzo beans can be a healthy

part of your diet. Not only are they high in fiber and protein, they also have key minerals such as mananese for energy production. Garbanzo beans also boost your energy with their high iron content. 


Our recipes have been handed down from generation to generation. Follow us on Facebook for easy healthy snacks ideas and recipes for you and your family.

We are a company with a goal to do good and make good. We donate a portion of our proceeds to support the National School Lunch Program (NSLP). This will ensure more kids can manage to eat healthy foods while allowing people from all over the globe to eat our tasty hummus. Cooking hummus has always been a family tradition, but what always came first was the deed to do good. As an all American company, Happy Hummus, is cooked from our kitchens and shipped all over the country for your enjoyment. We as a company, Happy Hummus, is dedicated to provide healthy snacking for individuals and families by emphasizing nutrition and a great taste that has been passed down through lineage. 

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Entrepreneurs at heart, chiefs at home


Our Happy Hummus recipes originate in the Middle East where Grandmother Aurora continues to feed generations of family members, we sought her advice before starting the business.


She had three suggestions:


  • Always keep a clean kitchen! Grandmother Aurora is a stickler for cleanliness, and of course we agree this is the only way to ensure a consistently excellent product.


  • Always take your time! Grandmother Aurora insists patience is the key to creating the best hummus. We respect the time it takes to transform ingredients into the best tasting hummus possible. No short cuts.


  • Always remember it is a privilege to feed people! We love this attitude and are proud to be working with schools to provide healthy, natural snacks for kids in addition to our market and restaurant customers.

We believe the secret to great tasting hummus is simplicity. We simply use the freshest locally sourced ingredients, combined with the best spices from Europe and the Middle East, made by hand in small artisanal batches from tried and true generations-old family recipes. Perhaps the altitude and climate of Colorado adds to the magic as well. Your taste buds will appreciate the quality flavor and creamy texture and remind you often that it’s time for another heaping helping of Happy Hummus, the all-natural snack with a smile in every bite!

Our commitment to our community:


  • All production facilities are in Colorado, supporting a strong Colorado workforce.

  • Diversity can be found through exploring the world's culinary traditions.

  • We support local farms and farmers to the maximum extent possible.

  • Our highest honor is to provide nourishment to you and your family.

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